Стратегия «Tremor» для 10-ти минутных опционов

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Программы для создания музыки, vst плагины, сэмплы, пресеты

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FXpansion Tremor v1.0.0.6

Tremor — программная драм-машина с возможностью синтеза ударных, встроенными эффектами и пошаговым секвенсором. Tremor использует всю мощь генерации звука DCAM и способен создавать пробивной и напористый, аналоговый звук, включая ударные для танцевальной музыки, фанковые биты и звуки абстрактных драм-машин для всех видов электронной и экспериментальной музыки.

В центре каждого из 8 движков синтеза находится специализированный DCAM осциллятор. Смешиваясь с саб-осциллятором и настраиваемым источником шума, сигнал формируется посредством секции drive/filter/FX и огибающих. Tremor включает звуки классических бочек, клэпов, хэтов, и мощных саб-барабанов, а также различные царапины, текстуры и звуки, которые не поддаются классификации.

Система модуляции TransMod является более простой и проработанной, чем матрица модуляции. Она предлагает новые возможности в звуковом дизайне и позволяет пользователю оживлять звуки посредством LFO, пошаговой автоматизации секвенсора и макроконтроллеров. Набор пресетов, созданный командой элитных саунд дизайнеров продемонстрирует звуковой потенциал инструмента Tremor.


Tremor-Tremor is a Paramecia-type Demon Fruit, which allows players to create shock waves. It costs 1,000,000 Beli in the shop. It is used by Whitebeard.


Tremor has 4 moves.

[Z] Mastery 1: [ Tremor Punch ]

A powerful punch that releases a tall shock wave.

Рейтинг честных брокеров бинарных опционов за 2020 год:
  • Бинариум

    1 место на рынке! Лидер независимого рейтинга. Самая удобная платформа для новичков.

  • ФинМакс

    Проверенный временем брокер!

[X] Mastery 50: [ Tremor Wave ]

A medium-ranged attack that releases a spherical shock wave.

[C] Mastery 100: [ Tremor Erupt ]

The user hits the ground for a powerful move that will send opponents upward.

[V] Mastery 150: [ Tsunami ]

A slow but strong attack that summons two tsunamis from the ocean. (Does not work on elevated heights)

(Moves — Courtesy of Kehmaz)

would not recommend getting this as the cooldowns are long and the damage isnt that good and the range is pretty bad and a lot of the moves are easy to dodge this is defidently one of the worst fruits for pvp right now if people think this is too opinion based then just remove it

^^^^ this fruit is essentially for those who are EXTREMELY confident in close range combat, and they’re too much of a madlad to use a sword.

Стратегия «Tremor» для 10-ти минутных опционов

Changelogs for v1.3.2.4

Thanks to Eldrazi for many contributions for this patch.

  • Glacier ice wall can now only spread to other ice or snow, this should prevent the entire world from getting covered in it (as reported)
  • Improved certain tooltips for alchemist class related items (please note I still probably missed many)
  • Fixed certain tooltips still saying ‘alchemic’, changed to say ‘alchemical’
  • Fixed certain alchemist items not granting the right amount of increased damage or critical strike chance. Please note that this change can only affect your characters positively. Because if a tooltip showed a lesser increase than was actually given, I updated the tooltip to display the bigger increase. If a tooltip displayed a higher value than was actually given, I updated the given value to match the tooltip.
  • Improved Nova alchemist flask shadow trail opacity
  • Improved Shadow cloud opacity and added fadeout (many alchemist clouds need this)
  • Special note: for tML v0.10.1 I added a hook to adjust crit, but unfortunately (BECAUSE IM FOOKIN STOOPID) it doesn’t work properly. No worries though! With a few workarounds, special crit for the alchemist class is still functional with some workaround code. This just means that whenever tML updates, I can remove all that extra code.
  • To add to the special note, this patch features a rather major buff for the alchemist class. I have abstracted alchemist specific code into it’s own classes. With this work comes the change that alchemist projectiles (clouds, bursts, blasts.. you name it) will now also inherit the crit chance of your alchemist item, where this was previously not the case. This means that your alchemist related projectiles will crit more often, especially if you can get to increase your critical strike chance!
  • Also fixed critical chance not showing for certain items
  • Items that grant movement speed now also increase the player’s maximum run speed by that amount, this ensures the movement speed bonus actually has effect when at capped speed
  • Certain tooltips have been improved to match the style of wording from vanilla
  • Improved and buffed Phantablast
  • All treasure bag tooltips ‘right click to open’ will now translate properly
  • Improved certain npc framing to update based on velocity
  • You will now see certain names and chats appear more often than others for town NPCs
  • Fixed many town NPCs not being able to receive their last 2 possible names
  • Fixed certain town NPCs their shops
  • Fixed certain town NPCs ‘can spawns’, some may not have been able to spawn before when they should have been able to
  • Fixed Wall of Shadows not being able to spawn (huzzah)
  • Fixed detached clampers (from the Motherboard fight) having incorrect life values
  • Fixed killing (True) Andas not registering as kill
  • Merged certain ModPlayer files, this possibly improves mod load speed
  • Certain code was shortened, possibly reducing the mod size
  • Removed certain drop code for items that don’t exist in the mod
  • Removed many npc expert scaling that did not actually scale anything. Please leave a suggestion when you find an appropiate scaling for an npc
  • Many magic formatting has been done

Please make an issue to report the bug you found. Please check first if the mod has already been reported. When you report a bug, please provide at the very least the following information:

  • tModLoader version you are using
  • Tremor version you are using
  • What happens?
  • What should be happening?
  • A FULL log of the error(s)
    • You can get a full log by clicking on ‘Open Logs’ when you get the error. This log provides more information.

If applicable, provide the scenario(s) in which the bug occurs.

Making pull requests

Help is always appreciated. Please prepend the appropiate tag in your PR so I can easily triage it:

Rework means you reworked some code entirely. Bug squash means you have fixed bugs. Refactor or revise means you’ve gone over some code and refactored it. Code comments are highly appreciated. If multiple tags could be appropiate, it’s fine if you omit them and explain in the PR itself.

As for now, I will ignore all rebalance requests or PRs. Rebalancing is not a priority right now.

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  • Бинариум

    1 место на рынке! Лидер независимого рейтинга. Самая удобная платформа для новичков.

  • ФинМакс

    Надежный и проверенный временем брокер!

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